• Brake Linings, Brake Assemblies etc. for commercial vehicles.
  • Clutch Facings, Ceramic Clutch Buttons for commercial vehicles.
  • Brake Linings, Brake assys., Oil Brakes and Clutch Facings for Tractors.
  • Roll Linings for Industrial applications

Above products are available in various types of qualities/grades like:

Brake Linings :

  • AVS-33 (Rigid Moulded Non metallic)
  • AVS-69 (Rigid Moulded Metalic with Aluminium Particles impregnated)
  • AVS-141 (Woven quality Non Metalic)
  • AVS-171 (Woven quality Metalic)
  • AVS-669-AF (Non Asbesos Metalic Rigid Moulded)
  • AVS-363 (Rigid Moulded Non Metalic for City Buses)
  • AVS-666 (Rigid Moulded Metal Impregnted for Tractor Disc Brakes)

Clutch Facings

  • AVS-51 (Rigid Moulded Non Metalic)
  • AVS-21 (Rigid Moulded Metalic with Brass Particles Impregnated)
  • AVS-621 (Rigid Moulded Metalic with Brass Particles Impregnated – Green)
  • AVS-144 (Mill Board quality)
  • AVS-222-AF (Non Asbestos Metalic Rigid moulded)
  • AVS-999 (Woven Asbestos based Metalic with Brass wire)
  • AVS-333 (Woven Asbestos free Non Metalic)
  • AVS-333-C (Woven Asbestos Free Metalic with Copper Wire)